Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Cat Photo Bomber

Hi all, I recently did a shoot and found myself getting photo bombed by the cutest cat. 
It decided to come and sit next to me while I was modelling. I think maybe it wanted to join in!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Love For Lilac

Hey! I've spent all of the past week hunting for internships for the summer. I have an interview for one soon, which is exciting! But I've also spent a lot of time obsessing over the colour lilac and I decided to buy some braiding hair in this shade.
I'm hopefully going to braid it into my natural hair soon, but I thought I'd see what I'd look like with lilac hair first!

Wearing Top from New Look, Leggings from Romwe and Shoes from Schuh

Monday, 21 April 2014

Why Don't You Love Me?

Hello! I hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend. Today I am showing you ashoot inspired by Beyonce's Why Don't You Love Me music video. Together myself, MUA Minnie Faye Rayment and photographer Megan Jordan created this shoot and we are very happy with the results. Using MAC cosmetics and a synthetic blonde wig, Minnie gave me a Beyonce-esque look, then the crying  began! What do you think?

Wearing top from Zara

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Moving Forward

Hey everyone. 
I decided to post this photo because it was taken at a very hard time in my life. I have had depression for a while now and this image was taken when I felt at my lowest. I think what made me select this photo out of all taken that day was that fact that it is a visual portrayal of how I felt inside at the time. My hair and styling is messy - I had stopped caring about my appearance. There are bags under my eyes from lack of sleep due to my obsession with over thinking every little detail. I am hiding my face behind my hands, just like I hid myself from social situations. 
 I hadn't looked at any of the images from this photo shoot before today and I wanted to post this as a way of moving forward. I have no need for anti-depressants any more and feel so much better about myself. This photo shows how I used to be and how much I have improved since then. I have posted it as a reminder to myself - and others facing depression - that it is possible to get better. I know how hard it can feel to struggle to get out of bed everyday, to talk to people, to cope with everyday situations. But the only one who can make the change is you. 

Just remember that if you feel like you are at what feels like your lowest point, the only way from here is up.  

Monday, 14 April 2014

Make Up Look


Today I am showing you a new makeup look inspired by Bauhaus and current fashion trends. Using MAC cosmetics, Lorna Jayne Pratt created this easy rectangular shape around my eyes using black eye shadow.
She also applied a blue colour to my lips, as I personally have a soft spot for blue lipstick at the moment. It is also becoming popular with other fashion enthusiasts this season, too.
My hair was straightened and slicked back for a simple and tidy effect.
Chloe Lee then photographed me wearing New Look jewelry.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Gothic Princess

Hello! Today I have a really cool shoot to show you, modeled by myself. Our aim for this shoot was to create a dark princess character. MUA Emily Kirk put huge amounts of gel into my hair and used Mac cosmetics to give my face a wet look. Stylist Katie Champain painted my nails and gave me what felt like a million rings to wear! But they were all really pretty. Turns out I have really weird fingers because hardly any of them actually fit properly. Photographer Jess Wylie captured me as I swirled around in the beautiful skirt I was wearing. Together we were a really good team and I think the results of this shoot really reflect that.
What do you think?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Red, White, Blue

I have 2 deadlines this week, which means I've been doing a lot of work recently. It also means that some new shoots will be posted on my photography page this weekend, so keep an eye out for that.

I have a new shoot to show you today, again working with Lorna & Chloe on our Bauhaus project.
This shoot features styling using only the colours red, white and blue. We wanted to keep the poses, hair and makeup very sleek and straight to add to the structured, minimal theme.

Dress from Rare London, Bag from River Island, Shoes from Primark.